Around the world, scientists believe that temperatures will rise significantly. The rise in temperature will affect the environment. The rise in heat will melt glaciers, and make the world warmer. The human population, animals, and resources will be affected due to this climate change. Over time, needed resources and animals will start dying and going extinct. This decline is due to global warming and climate change. The audience in this claim is the human population. Global warming and climate change affects the entire planet. Every person on the planet is our audience. In this claim, the goal is to educate and persuade. In our society, a lot of people are unaware of global warming and climate change. They are unaware, or they do not care. More people would care about this issue if they were educated on it. The segmentation would be to separate and dissect the issue. The goal is to section the issue out and discuss each part precisely.
Climate change is rapidly effecting animals lives. before this problem was identified as climate change, you may have known it as Global Warming.  This is effecting Polar Bears, Waterfowl (Ducks) and many other animals. The Ice is melting more than ever and is even causing sea levels to rise in some parts. The melting ice is causing more problems than what most people can realize simply because they fail to understand how much ice is actually melting. More about Ice Melting. It is effecting different animals’ hunting abilities, food sores, safety, and their life in general.
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Per the National Wildlife Federation, Polar Bears are a starving because they are not able to hunt the way they should because of the ice melting more each summer in the Arctic. The Arctic is declining at a rate of 13.3 percent per decade.  The Waterfowls are being forced to change their migration, which could become dangerous/ life treating to them. Another animal is the Pika, which is a small animal that lives in the mountains but because of the climate change, they are moving up the mountain just to stay in their comfortable cool temperature. If this continues then what happens to them could not have a good ending for them. Every mountain has a peak. For more information on the changing lives of these three animals click HERE.
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There are many unfortunate incidents like the three of those the main issue is that they cannot do anything about it. People must change this. Just imagen if you were starving because you couldn’t get food or you were forced to move or change your traveling routs because of climate change. Unlike animals, humans can express our concerns. If the effects of climate change on animals are not acknowledge and dealt with, this could be humans in the future.

One reason that we should care about animals being affected by climate change is because animals are amazing and we don’t want more species to continue to be extinct. Global warming is responsible for melting ice caps which is causing species like polar bears to starve. Migration patterns are changing in waterfowl due to drought and floods.

If caring about these creatures isn’t enough, we can look at how animals are affecting us. For example, bees play a major role in food crops and with less of them pollinating the earth, we would have a harder time finding food for ourselves.

The ecosystem is a delicate system in which can be destroyed when species start disappearing. There are more and more endangered species every year partly due to climate change. When one species disappears, it affects the entire ecosystem that it was once apart of, which may make more disappear and the chain reaction continues making it harder to recover each time. There is potential for this pattern to repeat until the ecosystem is destroyed and it will like affect humans in one way or another.



As discussed in the grounds section above, it is clear to see that the problem of climate change is severely effecting the animals of our planet. From the seas of the Arctic and Antarctic, to the mountains of Asia and America, almost all animals will at some point feel the effects of the ever-growing problem known as climate change.

Problems effecting the animals in the colder environments are especially at risk as discussed above. To alleviate the problems of sea temperature warming and ice caps melting, if each person on earth were to help a tiny amount each day – this problem would drastically decrease. Two examples of easy things which can be done by everyone are:

* If every person was to pump up their tires on their car to the correct PSI, the gas being emitted from their vehicles would significantly lesson due to drag and would also reduce the money people would have to pay to get new tires. (EPA)

* Another example would be if each person were to correctly insulate their homes, so that they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This again would only be a small fee to pay for the price of a saved life and would save homeowners money over time. (EPA)

According to the EPA, there are many simple solutions we can do that will help the environment from the comfort of our very homes. Along with helping the environment and the poor animals who are being affected it could also save homeowners money in the long term. For even more information regarding what can be done in our homes and in the road please click here or here.




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